Thursday, May 14, 2009

Political IQ, also known as the Red-Faced Express

Here's my latest column, entitled "The Tide Isn't Turning on Marriage."

I stand by everything I wrote in that Political IQ column, which was penned soon after Iowa and Vermont legalized same-sex marriage, and be honest... that glow you see is coming from my face.

Just a few weeks after I finished that column, we've added Maine to the ranks of states providing marriage equality, and New Hampshire will soon join the fold. The N.H. governor says he'll sign the bill legalizing same-sex marriage if lawmakers make a few changes. Box Turtle Bulletin has looked at those revisions.

Am I red faced? Oh yes. Do I believe the tide has turned on marriage? Well... damn, I hate go all Clintonesque, but that depends on what you mean by "tide."

Have the majority of states instituted marriage equality for same-sex couples? No.

Do same-sex couples have the same rights under federal law that heterosexual couples enjoy? Heck no.

Is something different in the air? Does this spring, which may well end with six states embracing equality, seem just a bit brighter than any we've seen a long time? Oh yeah.

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