Monday, December 01, 2008

Queers, Blacks & more Proposition 8 postmortems

I found New York Times columnist Charles Blows' piece on Proposition 8 to be both interesting and unsettling. But I couldn't figure out why it worried me so much until Pam Spaulding came to the rescue. Among her many criticisms:
I think Blow makes another serious mistake with the first suggestion -- we cannot throw up our hands and cede a "religious beliefs" or bible-based excuse to those who don't support marriage equality. The Right and black religious conservatives don't own religion. There are black leaders of faith who do support equality, and they need to be front and center and supported by the LGBT community to do outreach.
However, she also praises Blow, making a point that I heartily endorse.
Blow's piece is full of flaws, but the premise that we haven't engaged or challenged wrong-headed beliefs of a community on terms it can relate to is correct.
Pam's entire post is worth reading. Thanks to Pam for quoting my most recent column, but I'm also sending her even greater thanks for writing about her own clearly written perspective on the issue and for highlighting Jim Toevs' words of wisdom.

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