Friday, June 15, 2007

I make the news

By Diane Silver

Yup, there I am on TV news, standing up for the local domestic partner registry. Ah, that we were celebrating winning marriage rights, but we get what we can.

By the way, I hate seeing myself on TV, so I haven't looked at this. Someone tell me if I am coherent.


Nancy Jane Moore said...

You were great; in fact, you were stunning. You weren't just coherent -- you were eloquent. And you looked great, too! Plus the overall coverage was very, very positive -- amazing on Fox. I'm impressed all the way around.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks Nancy! Maybe I'll actually look at it some day.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

I hate to watch myself, too -- I have a DVD from last year when I did a TV show for my job, and I still haven't looked at it. But trust me, you look and sound great in this one -- you'll be proud of yourself when you watch it.