Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kansas Voice: Unloved Bush, Phill Kline faces test , soupy Kansas City air & more

By Diane Silver

Just in case those of you from out here in the wilds of Kansas missed the tiny headlines at the top of the page, here is a roundup of posts from my local blog, Kansas Voice.

By the way, that photo on the left is "clear." There's no need to adjust your screen. That's a snapshot of yesterday's smog in Kansas City. See below for details.

First, here are the latest posts from Kansas Voice.
Even in Kansas, Bush is unloved & kept in a bubble

Johnson County district attorney race tests religious right

No Really News: Phill Kline attacks Paul Morrison & George Tiller (Once again, it's the Phill, Paul and George Show, but this time God gets added to the festivities, and we learn about how a so-called "divine intervention" wasn't so divine after all.)

Meanwhile, out here in Red State America it is sunny, muggy and hot, hot, hot.

Neighboring Kansas City was under an ozone alert yesterday. There's something so wrong about that. If you have to live out on the Plains far from the bright lights of sophisticated society and the freedom of places like California and Massachusetts, you ought to at least be able to avoid pollution.

I drove into KC yesterday, and it was decidedly soupy. Ugh.

PHOTO: This is a small part of a KMBC-TV photo of of yesterday's smog in Kansas City.

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