Friday, May 04, 2007

Kansas: Domestic partner registry panel answers questions, makes new stars

By Diane Silver

Take that "new stars" comment in the headline as sarcasm on my part. Somehow, my two-minute speech at last night's forum about Lawrence's proposed domestic partner registry ended up making me the lead of the Journal-World's story. At least, they got my name right...

Actually, I thought the account of the forum, although limited, was fairly accurate. A couple of key points: Commissioner Boog Highberger, who attended, said the issue could come up within a month of so. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for yet another public comment session in front of the City Commission.


Anonymous said...

You are too dismissive of your contribution. Sharing a personal story is what changes hearts and minds. You were willing to share a personal and painful story. Wonder of wonders, the LJW picked up on the importance of that. We owe you a big thank you Diane. We don't all have such a powerful story.

Diane Silver said...

Gosh thanks. Those are nice words to hear on a Friday afternoon. Actually, I wish the J-W had printed more of the story. Guess I'll just have to post it here on another day.

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