Sunday, April 22, 2007

Woodburn, Indiana, wants to fire teacher for allowing student to plea for tolerance

By Diane Silver

At issue is the teacher's "vile" act of allowing a student to write a column advocating tolerance of gays. Note that the school system wasn't saying this; the teacher wasn't saying this.

Nope. Just one lonely student in a town of 1,600. This one student had the courage to write these apparently horrifying lines, which the teacher failed to first clear with the principal:
I can only imagine how hard it would be to come out as a homosexual in today's society. I think it is so wrong to look down on these people, or to make fun of them, just because they have a different sexuality than you.
That simple and heartfelt sentiment is apparently too frightening for some folks. I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

I just picked up in this story from CNN online. Hopefully this town can be shamed nationaly into allowing freedom of speech! And it will frighten other schools into allowing the thought of tolerance! This is unbelievable. Can't imagine a world where a school board would think that a teacher should be transfered for allowing an editorial on being nice to blacks! Why do people think gays are different than other minorities in the right to protection? The Jesus I follow thinks we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord, I wonder what Jesus they follow. BTW I am not gay, just human.

Joy in Davison, MI

Anonymous said...

I just read the AP ariticle on and I am appalled at the school district. I would like to tell the school board that one only gets one chance to make a first impression and the impression that came to mind was one of ignorant bigatry. I feel so sorry for the students in that school district.

Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
Toledo, Ohio

david said...

Shame on the school and shame on the city. What they are doing to this teacher and to the students is just wrong.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks so much for your comments, and I certainly agree.

It turns out that the school didn't fire the teacher, but reassigned her and refused to allow her to teach journalism.

I love, though, that the teacher is still praising the kid who wrote the editorial. Good for her!