Monday, April 23, 2007

More on how the Bushies may be meddling in Kansas elections

By Diane Silver

When the Kansas Legislature goes back into session Wednesday, we may well see how the long arm of the Bush Administration reaches out from Washington, D.C., to meddle in voting in Kansas.

At issue is a proposed Kansas law requiring voters to bring identification to polling places. Such a bill looks sensible at first blush. Unfortunately, the measure is (1) aimed at a problem that doesn't exist in Kansas, and even the bill's supporters admit that, and (2) could potentially limit voting by the poor who don't have easy access to drivers licenses or other IDs. does a good job today of showing how the firings of US Attorneys and a long-time Bush Administration attempt to purge voting rolls all fit together.

Has Kansas gotten tangled up in a long-armed attempt to undermine elections by limiting turnout among Democratic constituencies? In October, I wrote about some disturbing voter registration and polling problems in this state. Were these more than just simple goofs?

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