Monday, April 23, 2007

Cough, Gulp: Kansas High Court decides in June whether Lawrence can breathe

By Diane Silver

The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to issue an opinion in June on the Lawrence smoking ban. The KC Star does a good job today of summarizing the arguments pro and con and quotes the attorney for the bar owner who is opposing the ban.
“What’s next?” (Attorney Billy) Rork asked. “Are they going to outlaw heavyweight people or people that don’t have designer clothes or are redheads? I mean it just never ends. And that’s what this is really about — just exceeding their authority in determining what public policy should be under the guise of protecting me.”
Actually, no. None of those examples has any similarity to smoking. My plumpness -- and I am a tad plump -- might harm my health, but it doesn't do a thing to the person sitting at another table.

Second-hand smoke kills. Second-hand fatness doesn't.

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