Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kansas: Domestic partner registry to come up for vote within the next two months

By Diane Silver

OK folks, time for us to go to work. Lawrence's probable next mayor, Sue Hack, has told the Lawrence Journal-World that she hopes to put the domestic partner registry on the City Commission agenda within 60 days.

The mayor's post in Lawrence rotates between the five commissioners, with each mayor serving a one-year term. Hack is the next in line and is expected to take over on Tuesday. Hack has so far refused to commit to voting one way or the other on the registry. She told the newspaper:
“Because we were waiting for the attorney general’s opinion, I haven’t spent as much time studying it as I should,” Hack said. “It hasn’t been at the top of my list of issues to study, but it is moving up on the list now.”
New commissioners Mike Dever and Rob Chestnut have also not committed, and unless I missed it Commissioner Mike Amyx, the outgoing mayor, has also not committed to voting one way or the other. Only returning commissioner Boog Highberger is a definite yes vote at this time.

This is an issue of fairness, and now we know that the registry does not conflict with the Kansas Constitution. We need to work to educate the commissioners on the good government aspect of this (a registry is needed, it helps people, it's the right thing to do), and on the politics of it (the marriage ban was defeated in every precinct in Lawrence, and the registry has the support of voters).

Time to get those cards, letters and emails heading to the City Commission. (Note that this page still has the old commission contact information on it. Mike Rundle and David Schauner are no longer members of the commission. Stay tuned for more info.
Photo: Sue Hack

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