Saturday, April 21, 2007

The hate-filled video of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Church

By Diane Silver

Just to be a complete, I'm going to post a link to AmericaBlog, which has linked to a video Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church has just released on YouTube. it is the usual Phelpsian hate, spewed at loving people who are trying to do nothing more than live their lives. There is nothing new here. I' m not linking directly, well, because I'm just tired of them.


Mousie Cat said...

I could only stand about 60 seconds of this rotten, sick tripe. Can't these hate-mongers be sued for using the tune without permission of the composer, publisher, etc.?

Diane Silver said...

Alas, I think this use of the song probably comes under laws governing parodies. In other words, the laws that protect this rotten, sick tripe, also protect me and you if we want to use this song to do say an anti-rightest parody.

If you're up for watching video on the Phelps, though, I'd suggest going to the BBC documentary. In this, you not only get the unvarnished Phelpsian view, which is disgusting, but you also get the BBC host who goes along and asks and argues in the way that any reasonable person would. His presence makes that more viewable, at least for me.

You can find links to it on my blog. Here's the url and because it's so long I'm breaking it down between several lines. In my techno-fumbling, I can't seem to create links in comments.

Nancy Jane Moore said...

Here is Diane's post on the BBC documentary (complete with playable link). Just in case it's easier to click on a link than to cut and paste.