Monday, April 23, 2007

George Bush's approval ratings tank -- nationally & in red state Kansas

By Diane Silver

Nationally, George W. Bush is beloved by 33 percent. I believe that's up a whopping 1 percent from last month in this poll released today.

In the heart of RepublicanLand -- Kansas -- Bush is loved (approved? tolerated) by a "huge" 37 percent in a survey conducted April 13 - 15. He's getting love from:
  • 59 percent of the Kansas GOP
  • 10 percent of Kansas Democrats
  • 33 percent of Kansas independents
It can't be good news when that's the best you can do in the heartland.


blablawoofwoof said...

How do those numbers correspond to the misinformation/misconception mean news source?

Silver said...

Hey there, blabawoofwoof...

I'm afraid that I'm not certain what you're saying. Color me slow this afternoon. Somebody is certainly getting the truth, even in outback Kansas. If you mean that the Pew study is a tad inaccurate, then some other bloggers have argued that already.

Blablawoofwoof said...

Sorry Diane, I wasn't trying to be obtuse. I was trying to make the point that since 9/11, I have sorely missed our 4th branch of government.

The media--and not just FAUX--failed us on the run-up to the war. Even Woodward had a first class seat on the Bushie bandwagon in the early stages of the war. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, much of that misinformation has survived.

I promise I'll try to be more clear and less snarky in future comments.

Diane Silver said...

No apologies necessary. The news media totally fell down on the job. I hope you had a chance to see Bill Moyer's fantastic piece on that last night on PBS. Honestly, if the 4th Estate doesn't wake up, we're all in trouble.