Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kansas: More on the domestic registry ban & why it's important to keep fighting

By Diane Silver

Kansas Equality Coalition chair Tom Witt writes that it's too soon to declare victory against the proposed statewide ban on domestic partner registries.

The bill was on the House agenda yesterday, but was passed over. Technically speaking, it can be voted on by the full House anytime Speaker Melvin Neufeld decides he wants a vote, but Neufeld says he plans to delay a vote on the bill until next year. Witt says that means they don't have the votes to pass it.

Witt writes on the KEC site:
If we continue to be successful in blocking HB2299, passage of a registry in Lawrence will be an advance in equal rights for LGBT Kansans unprecedented in our state's history. Our lobbyist, Jim Yonally, has done amazing work on our behalf. Without his help, we would not have been successful. That said, I must again ask each of you to donate to the Equality Coalition's lobbying fund. Please contribute whatever amount you can - every dollar is appreciated, and goes directly to funding our lobbying efforts.
You can give to KEC directly online at their web site.

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