Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kansas: Continued debate about money & anti-gay pastor Jerry Johnston

By Diane Silver

The debate over the Rev. Jerry Johnston and his alleged lavish life and financial misdeeds continues in the letters column of the Kansas City Star and in my comments section.

I'm been particularly interested to read the comments from folks who have attended Johnston's church. Several have visited my blog.

It is a sad day when we're not debating theology, but instead are talking about honesty and such basic values as keeping your word. Here I'm referring to concerns that Johnston raised millions for a school that shows no signs of opening.

When you raise money for a project, you give your word to donors that the money will be used in the way you say. Isn't honesty a basic Christian value? See the original Kansas City Star series for details.


Anonymous said...

rmixalI am a former employee. An upset former employee at that. BUT, I must say that the reports of no school opening are not exactly true.

At first, the plan to have a school was developed when Jerry saw other successful schools and an opportunity here. He began hiring the appropriate staff. Good people. Then as the building was about to be completed, the rooms were not technologically ready. There were some state inspection issues as I recall. There were also some logistics issues, due to human traffic flow, hours of operation vs. church activities, etc.

It is common knowledge that Jerry wants all emplyees to be tithing members of FFC. This impeded staffing.

FFC waited for a new person to come take over and revamp the daycare program. Changes are occurring to make the program be the best it can be.

As of last month, grades will be added incrementally two at a time.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks so much for posting and correcting the information about the school.

You describe yourself as an "upset former employee." Since you're posting anonymously, I don't know if you've posted here previously. Would you be interested in explaining? I think folks really do want to understand what's happening at FFC.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

That person knows what she is talking about...they are attempting to get the school going it just didnt get up and going as planned....nothing wrong with that....sometimes there are set backs in life...i would think you would understand that. And by the way Diane i would really reconsider going to the church you do....your pastor has his head up his butt!

Diane Silver said...

Once again, the Rev. Thom Belote is not my pastor, but I would be proud and happy to attend his church. I think Belote's comments are important, and I thank him for making them.

Diane Silver said...

One more thing... about the school, there are are comments here from folks who say they're from FFC that should be read. Take a look at the first post on Johnston on Lavish Lifestyle.