Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kansas: 4th Lawrence Commission candidate pledges domestic registry support

By Diane Silver

Interesting. James Bush -- the only minister in the Lawrence City Commission race -- has now pledged to vote for a domestic partner registry if he is elected.

Hat tip to Red Letter Day for seeing this first last week. Meanwhile, the Lawrence Journal-World hasn't figured it out yet.

Bush posted on his web site:
I have read the report the City Commission received from the city staff as well as reviewed the comments made by citizens of Lawrence and members of the City Commission. If I am elected to the City Commission, I would vote in favor of adopting the domestic registry. I support the registry because it affirms the relationship of domestic partners and it can provide employers an avenue to provide health insurance to employees who participate in the domestic registry. I think the big question now concerns how the Kansas Attorney General’s office will rule on the proposal.
Bush is the recently departed pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Lawrence.

Kansas Equality PAC has endorsed Dennis "Boog" Highberger, Carey Maynard-Moody and David Schauner, who long ago pledged their support for a domestic partner registry. This means that only Rob Chestnut and Mike Dever are trying to squirm out of making a commitment on this issue.

The Journal-World today quoted Dever as being "
conflicted in my heart on this.” That sounds to me like a man who will vote "no" if elected.

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