Friday, March 02, 2007

Florida city arrests lesbian activist for passing out flier & fires transsexual official

By Diane Silver

In what surely has to rank high on the all-time bigotry scale, Largo City, FL., this week arrested the head of Equality Florida for doing nothing worse than attempting to pass out a flier. The City Commission then trumped that by firing its veteran city manager for publicly stating that she was transitioning from male to female.

As if that wasn't enough, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper reports this incredible quote about the firing of the city manager:
"If Jesus was here tonight, I can guarantee you he'd want him terminated," said Pastor Ron Saunders of Largo's Lighthouse Baptist Church. "Make no mistake about it."

Actually, if Jesus had attended that mob scene of a City Commission meeting, I think he would have been appalled.

And so it goes...


Anonymous said...

About 1 in 4000 births are impossible for the doctor to determine the sex or gender. A friend of mine, Courtney, is very pretty, and also handsome. He/she is intersexed and has both genital attributes along with breasts and other mixed DNA traits. I wonder what Jesus would say about that? If Saunders had really read and taken to heart the Bible, he would not have said what he said. It is often the one who is covering their own sin, who come down on others and their sufferrings. Is Ron a pedifile, adulterer, or addicted to porn, and is trying to shed his guilt on poor Stanton. One thing that all research shows is that Transsexuals are seldom sexually immoral. In fact, most are simply crushed with guilt and shame inflicted by others for something that they have never committed. Ignorance and persecution are only as far away as the person standing next to you.

As for Jesus, persecuted and crucified, well he still shows love beyond all understanding!

T Star

Diane Silver said...

T. Star,

Thanks for your comments. I remain appalled that any minister could say the things that fellow did at the same time that it doesn't surprise me.