Friday, December 08, 2006

Watching the zoo surrounding Mary Cheney's pregnancy & (gulp) praising the vice president

By Diane Silver

Hell must have frozen over because I'm going to do something I never thought possible: I'm going to praise Vice President Dick Cheney.

In fact, I come to sing the praises of both Dick and Lynne Cheney who have publicly reacted to the news of their daughter Mary's pregnancy exactly as proud grandparents should. The issue, of course, is that Mary is that most horrible of beast, an "out lesbian."

As the Los Angeles Times reported:
The vice president and his wife issued a statement saying they are "looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild."
It seems bizarre to make such a big deal about grandparents being proud of the impending birth of a grandchild, but such is the reality of life for families headed by same-sex couples. No matter how committed we are to each other, how good we are as parents, we are always attacked. Yes, it IS news when the very conservative vice president does nothing more than say he is proud that a baby will be born to his out-lesbian daughter.

Meanwhile, the media and blogosphere zoo has been clamoring for attention. The Post's Media Notes has a good rundown of the coverage and the blogging.

Best of all, though, Washington Post writer Ruth Marcus has a wonderful column in Friday's paper focusing on real family values and what she very accurately calls the "benign reality of gay families today." Marcus writes:
To be a badly wanted child (one thing that's indisputable about the children of same-sex couples: the parents had to work to make it happen) in a home with two loving parents is no tragedy. If they're worried about "emotional devastation," the (disapproving writers) Crouses and Knights of the world would do better to reserve their lamentations for children in poverty, those who are abused or neglected, or for children in families splintered by divorce.
Well said! Congratulations to Mary and her partner Heather Poe, who have been married in every way except in the eyes of the law for 15 years.

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