Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Reading: Understanding the life of an American Muslim

By Diane Silver

Recently Pamela K. Taylor -- an American Muslim -- posted two fascinating entries to In This Moment. I suspect that most folks may have overlooked her posts.

Her posts weren't about fighting for gay rights or Kansas fundamentalists or about cyclist Floyd Landis and drugs in sports. Those were the topics that seemed to monopolize most folks attention. Those were all good posts. Heck, I wrote many of them myself.

Pamela, though, brings something unique to this blog. She gives those of us with a Waspish, Christian, non-Muslim background a chance to learn just a tiny bit about what it's like to live as a Muslim in post-9/11 United States.

In one post, she brings compassion and a deep understanding to the tragedy of the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

In a second post, she talks about committing the "crime" of attempting to take a commercial flight while being a Muslim.

Barking up the wrong tree in Israel and Lebanon

Flying while Muslim

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