Monday, September 04, 2006

Yee-Haw Religion! Terry Fox opens new Kansas church & declares love for homosexuals

By Diane Silver

Anti-gay minister Terry Fox, late of Immanuel Baptist Church, drew 500 people to his first service Sunday at his new church, The Wichita Eagle reports.

His new venue, called Summit Church, meets in the Johnny Western Theatre at Wild West World in Park City, less than 10 miles from his old church. Many of the people attending on Sunday formerly went to Immanuel.

Fox' reportedly left his old church just before Immanuel's deacons were going to confront him on possible ethical lapses, arrogance and host of other issues.

Fox told his new congregation that dress would be casual so folks could come for a little religion and then spend the day in the theme park.

Fox also said that he wants to reach out to "all people." The Eagle reports:
That includes reaching out to people of any lifestyle, even if it's a lifestyle the church doesn't agree with. He cited one such lifestyle.

"We love homosexuals," he said. "And they're welcome to come to church here."
No word yet, on whether lesbian and gay parents would have to give up their children at the church door as Fox doesn't believe queers should be parents.

No word yet on whether people in decades-long and deeply loving same-sex relationships would be required to abandon each other. Fox thinks such love destroys heterosexual marriage.

Actually, there's no word yet on whether Fox will tackle the issues that are really threatening heterosexual marriages such as infidelity, divorce, poverty, substance abuse, etc.

Stay tuned for further signs of Fox' love.


Pamela K Taylor said...

God, we can do without this kind of "love." Muslims get it all the time, and it isn't my idea of being loved.

I'm still trying to figure out how my neighbors intimate relationships affect my own.


Anonymous said...

I go to Terry Fox's church and in reading your slant, I was appauled. I was there the day he said he loved all, including homosexuals. You twisted it a bit- but he is loving and is saying anyone is welcome and Christ loved all. Homosexual marriages are not sacred though, I am sorry. If one believes the bible-old and new testament, you would realize that. The problem is in todays world no one wants to be held to any moral standard.