Friday, June 23, 2006

This Week: The Episcopal Church & Presbyterians search for courage, how not to fix Kansas' image & the evolution election continues

Featured Posts:

Diane Silver
An ad in Times Square can’t cure Kansas’ problems -- but we can!

Nancy Jane Moore
It was too good to last: The Episcopal Church backs down

Mainline Churches Search for Moral Courage
Fairness for gays and women: The fallout from the Episcopal votes
The Episcopal Church is in for a bumpy ride
Lesbians and gays are just “bargaining chips in the game of Anglican politics”
The Episcopalians are doing the right thing in a difficult time
An act of moral courage: Presbyterians ease restrictions on gay and lesbian clergy
Hooray for the Episcopal Church for refusing to bow to hatred
The Episcopalians pick a woman. Why is this even a controversy?

The Evolution Election
The Kansas Evolution Election: Johnson County forum highlights the culture war
The Kansas Evolution Election: State Board of Education candidates face voters in tiny Iola

What would life be like if the religious right contolled everything?
Lousy schools, bad parks & a multitude of messes would mark Kansas county if the far right were in control

Also, more Kansas politics, activist judges, dyke memoirs and progressive Christians
Candidate for Kansas’ top election job specializes in violating election laws
Justice O'Connor on judicial independence
Whither the Supreme Court on fairness for gays?
Alison Bechdel's dyke memoir called "pioneering" by The New York Times
CrossWalk America presents progressive Chrstian view in upcoming Kansas events

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