Friday, June 23, 2006

Candidate for Kansas’ top election job specializes in violating election laws

By Diane Silver

I’m not certain commentary is necessary on this news. It speaks for itself, but I can’t restrain myself when it comes to Republican state Sen. Kay O’Connor. Among other things, O’Connor once claimed that women should not have the right to vote. In case you missed it, Kay is most decidedly a woman who voted and presumably got elected because other women voted, but I do digress.

O’Connor’s latest antic is to campaign for the office of Secretary of State. In Kansas, one of that official’s duties is to run elections. The problem for O’Connor is that her campaign to become the keeper of the state election laws keeps tripping over a little problem called, ah, election law.

For the second time in a year, O’Connor has been fined by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission for violating state campaign finance law. This time she received the maximum fine of $5,000 fine for violating the same law again. The first time she violated the provision, she received a $3,000 fine.

O’Connor told her hometown newspaper, The Olathe News, that the fine was “excessive” and that she is considering appealing it.

"I do believe it is nothing more than political harassment,” she reportedly told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that she didn’t appear at the hearing, but “signed a decree in which she agreed to pay any fine imposed.”

Given that O’Connor believes, among many other religiously radical things, that I have no legal rights because I’ve committed the sin of loving a woman, I will never be her biggest fan. On the other hand, I continue to be amazed with her approach to politics and life.

She seems to believe that the law doesn’t apply to her. I suppose O’Connor, like all people, have the right to their delusions, but you would think she would at least toe the line on election laws while she is running to be the keeper of the state elections. Common sense, right?

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