Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Kansas Evolution Election: State Board of Education candidates face voters in tiny Iola

This November Kansas voters will not only pick a new state Board of Education, but will determine the future of evolution and science education in the state. This will be the first chance voters will have to register their opinion since the radical six on the state board voted to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution.

At a recent candidate forum in Iola – population 6,083 and in a county of only 14,385 people -- voters seemed interested in the debate.

Thoughts From Kansas brings us one report via his reader Joe Myers, who attended the forum at Iola’s Greenery Restaurant.

Red State Rabble links us to The Iola Register’s account and this paragraph:
Brad Patzer, Neodesha, left little doubt that he would step into the ultra-conservative Republican role his mother-in-law, Iris VanMeter, filled the past four years on the board. Jana Shaver, Independence, was every bit the moderate Republican her supporters claim. Dr. Kent Runyan, Pittsburg, was easily distinguishable as a middle-of-the-road Democrat.
Hat tips to TfK and RSR.

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