Monday, April 10, 2006

Blasts from the recent past

What’s it like to be a lesbian and live in a state that’s been taken over by anti-gay, anti-evolution, anti-everything-but-them Christian dominationists? It’s like Living with a Target on your back.

How does it feel to mix it up with Fred Phelps and his clan when you live only 30 minutes from his house? Take a look at the Fred Phelps Quartet.

*Love and Fred Phelps

*Nancy Jane fights back, and We Learn about Theology

*I have arrived: The Phelps Family Takes Notice

*Yet another Fred Phelps Commentary

What happens to a lesbian Mom when her son turns 18? Find out in Winning the Lesbian Parent Marathon.

Can we ever really Take Back Kansas from the thecons and theocrats?

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