Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nancy Jane takes on Phelps & we learn more about theology

Nancy Jane is mixing it up more with Isaiah Phelps-Roper here as she explains how her, and my ideas, do not undermine the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Phelps-Roper cuts to the core of the Phelps theology with this comment:
You cannot understand the love of God until you understand His hate. You must understand that certain (most people) people will be cast into Hell, and some (a very small remnant) will be saved.

In other words, this is a theology based on fear and the idea that "God" is a short-sighteded, nasty individual who will hurt people simply because they don't agree with him, or perhaps, don't understand. If you don't bow down to this horrible being, he will hurt you. If you follow every little rule and toe the line, you'll be OK.

This doesn't sound like God as much as it sounds like an angry, abusive human being who is looking for excuses to hurt people.

Meanwhile, the Phelps are driving new people to this blog every day to hear the opinions of a lesbian.


Anonymous said...

Your summary of the religious right's god is absolutely correct.
Their god is a god of hate. They do not understand that Jesus did not die to redeem the sin of sex but to reddem the sin of hate. Every quote from the hate monger was from the Old Testament. He does not understand that Jesus came to earth to help people know that God was a God of love, not hate.
Keep blogging. Get the message out!

4:43 PM

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