Monday, April 10, 2006

You've got to be kidding: Kansas Board of Education once again attempts to undercut kids

There are a couple of online reports about the Kansas Board of Education's new plan to punish schools that stray from the abstinance-only path in sex education. The board is going to vote on the plan tomorrow.

The Wichita Eagle reports:
Under a proposal to be considered at the board's meeting Tuesday in Wichita, districts that teach more than abstinence could risk losing their accreditation.
Red State Rabble notes:
While the board would be wise to just say no to abstinence only sex education, which has proven ineffective in case after case, the right-wing majority on the board will undoubtedly vote to approve, once again placing their own narrow sectarian religious beliefs ahead of sound public policy and the welfare of Kansas students.
Normally, I'd urge people to call their state board representatives and urge them to vote "no," but in this case, there is no reasoning with these folks. The best thing to do? Vote a resounding "no" on the state board's conservative majority in November.

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