Thursday, March 16, 2006

Out-of-state activist gets to make a speech in the Kansas Statehouse

This is interesting. Kansas college students don’t show much sign of clamoring for passage of the so-called “Academic Bill of Rights.” However, when David Horowitz – right-wing pundit and politico from out of state -- wants to give a speech about the horrors of college professors, he’s given a speechifying platform by the House Appropriations Committee.

Oh, and that hearing just happens to be scheduled on the same day the University of Kansas is holding its “KU Day” at the Statehouse. The KU event was designed, according to the Lawrence Journal-World, as “a chance for the university to promote itself to legislators making key budget decisions for 2007.”

Horowitz is campaigning throughout the country for the states to pass the proposal he wrote. The Journal-World reports:

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