Thursday, March 16, 2006

King George drops to 44 percent in Kansas. Can he make 30 percent? 20 percent?

I have to admit that I’m watching King George’s falling poll numbers with the glee of a race fan urging her favorite horse onward. Except in this case, I’m not cheering for a victory, but for ever falling approval ratings. Depending on which national poll you look at, our not-so-beloved president, George W. Bush, may now only have the support of a whopping 33 percent of voters.

Today, SurveyUSA released its state-by-state poll, and we learned that the former red-state bastion of Kansas is as fed up with King George as everywhere else. His approval rating is at 44 percent in this reddest of red states. Personally, I’m rooting to see if he can break all the records and head into the 30 percentiles here.

Thoughts From Kansas has a nice breakdown of the Kansas numbers complete with a chart.

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