Monday, April 12, 2010

Heading back to school

Or, at least, I'm heading back to virtual school to teach a new class online. I'm pleased to announce that I'm teaching Grant Writing & Fundraising Communications for writers who want to expand into the market. The course starts June 7. The registration deadline is June 1.

Much to my utter astonishment, I've worked in development for 15 years. I never intended to spend that much time in a field that, at first, seemed as alien as another planet. However, I've found a bit of fulfillment, and more than a few good paychecks in the field. For the past three years as an independent writer, development work has been a strong revenue stream. (The key to surviving as a self-employed writer is developing multiple streams of income, or at least, that's always been my theory. So far, it has worked!)

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share what I've learned with others. I'm also excited to have the chance to teach again. I've taught writing and journalism at Michigan State University and the University and Kansas, and I'm one of those silly fools who simply loves to teach. I'm not certain I can even explain why I enjoy it so much, but I get a charge out of reaching people and helping them move to a new level of achievement.

Of course, I do love to pontificate. My son can testify to that.

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KJ said...

Congratulations, Diane!