Friday, February 12, 2010

The absurdity of marriage bans

This is the much-watch video of the week. On Wednesday, a woman named Kitty Lambert and her long-time life partner attempted to get a marriage license at the Buffalo, N.Y., City Clerk's office. They were denied, but watch what happened next.

Under the law in most of this country, all one needs to get married are two warm, adult bodies of the opposite gender, yet same-sex couples are denied marriage no matter how long they've lived together, no matter how deep their relationship, no matter how many children they have, no matter how much their children will be hurt by the fact that their parents can't marry. This absurd, destructive discrimination has got to end.

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The Chapstick Pezbian said...

I'm re-blogging this on my page (of course with credits to you -let me know if you have a problem with this). I want my readers to see this video too because what happened here completely illustrates the absurdity of bans on same-sex marriages. It makes my heart hurt to think that even in the most "liberal" states, I couldn't marry the woman I loved if/when I ever found her.