Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Key Reads: AmericaBlog's credibility problems & Prop 8 repeal

Law Dork once again raises important questions concerning the credibility of one of the most popular sites in the progressive blogosphere - AmericaBlog. Since I started blogging -- interestingly enough, after hearing AmericaBlog founder John Aravosis speak -- I've been both fan and critic of his work. I love the fact that he picks up on issues quickly. I love his fighting spirit, but too often I've clicked on his links only to learn that his posts exaggerated, or even twisted, the facts. This isn't always true, but I've seen it happen often enough to cause me to worry when I read AmericaBlog.

I agree with Law Dork in this instance. While Aravosis claims that Obama's CNN interview proves that the President no longer wants to get rid of "don't ask, don't tell," I don't see it. Watch the video, and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, Pam Spaulding is pleased that a coalition of LGBT activists representing people of color want to delay repeal of Proposition 8. While other activists want to mount a repeal campaign as early as 2010, the Prepare to Prevail coalition has announced that it wants to hold off until 2012. We are still waiting word from Equality California on its plans for Proposition 8.

Personally, I'm torn. A 2010 campaign could capitalize on the newly energized movement, but it could also fall flat because of tight resources and a lack of time to organize. The communities represented by Prepare to Prevail also may well prove to be the key to victory. Ignoring their wishes could be a very bad idea.

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