Friday, July 24, 2009

Political IQ: A national LGBT march may do more harm than good

My new column is out.
A GLBT march on Washington should be a great idea. It should energize the pro-equality community and rally the nation. It should move the president and push Congress into repealing all those laws that punish us for the “crimes” of living and loving while queer.

The Oct. 11 National Equality March, spearheaded by longtime activist Cleve Jones, should do all those things, but I fear it won’t. Even worse, the event could damage the movement at a pivotal time. Read more.

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Nancy Jane Moore said...

As someone who has gone to any number of marches in Washington, DC, I think they've become so standard and pro forma to have outlived their value, regardless of what the issue is. No one on the Hill pays any attention whatsoever, no matter how many people are in the streets. I suspect it might be useful if people poured into the streets in outrage after some specific thing happened (as we should have done after Bush was selected as president). Of course, that kind of protest would not be the safe, efficient ones we've come to expect.