Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama appears to have just thrown LGBT America under the bus

It's beginning to look like it Obama just threw us under the bus -- and broke a campaign promise while doing so. In a 54-page brief defending (DEFENDING!!!) the Defense of Marriage Act, Obama's Justice Department compares marriage equality to incest and trots out every other familiar homophobic attack on LGBT people.

You can read the brief here.

Kudos to Americablog for getting the brief and breaking the details of the story. John Aravosis write:
I cannot state strongly enough how damaging this brief is to us. Obama didn't just argue a technicality about the case, he argued that DOMA is reasonable. That DOMA is constitutional. That DOMA wasn't motivated by any anti-gay animus. He argued why our Supreme Court victories in Roemer and Lawrence shouldn't be interpreted to give us rights in any other area (which hurts us in countless other cases and battles). He argued that DOMA doesn't discriminate against us because it also discriminates about straight unmarried couples (ignoring the fact that they can get married and we can't).
Pam Spaulding writes, and the emphasis is hers:
Friends, is this is the watershed mark, the line in the sand, the utter moral betrayal of this administration in black and white? Does this mean that we are not only expendable to this Administration, but that it has decided we can also be vilified as a constituency at will and not receive any blowback? That's balls. A brief with language like this could have been written by Liberty Counsel it's so homophobic; that it's written in legalese doesn't blunt the arguments being made here. It will be used to cause lasting damage to future civil rights gains.
I'm just now going through the brief in detail, but it is certainly looking like Pam is right.

LGBT groups and the ACLU express outrage.

See Americablog for breaking news.

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