Friday, June 12, 2009

Incompetent or Truthful? Why did the Obama Department of Justice do this?

Is the Obama Administration merely incompetent or stating what it really feels in the now notorious DOJ brief defending DOMA? I waver back and forth between being outraged at this apparent betrayal and being baffled. Doesn't Obama want our support? Is he this much of a liar or is his administration completely disorganized when it comes to LGBT issues?

Andrew Sullivan shares my feelings.
I'm baffled by this, I really am. The content of this brief is a massive political error from an administration that is making it impossible for its gay supporters to stay supportive. What's next? A Clintonian political ad boasting of these arguments?
In case anyone has forgotten, Bill Clinton's re-election campaign ran a radio ad touting the fact that he had signed DOMA.

Let's be clear: DOMA hurts people. It damages children. It cripples families. And the Obama Administration is defending this immoral mess?

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