Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Praise of Obama

I've been rather unhappy with our new president lately, particularly when it comes to LGBT rights, but I want to praise him for holding a White House reception commemorating Stonewall. In particular, I'm throwing him a laurel for his speech to the assembled LGBT leaders and their families.

Words matter. The support of the President of the United States matters. When Obama talks about our families and our rights with respect, he has the power to move hearts.

Action also matters, of course. I still believe that LGBT people should keep their wallets tightly closed until Obama and Congressional Democrats move on our issues. But today isn't a day for fury, at least not in my mind.

Kudos to the President and First Lady for speaking up for the revolutionary concept that all Americans are fully human and deserve to be treated with dignity.

Chris Geidner (AKA Law Dork) has a good piece on what Obama failed to say in his speech.

Here's video of the event.

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