Thursday, May 14, 2009

Political IQ Again: The ghost of Jerry Falwall

This is funny. I delayed posting my previous Political IQ column for so long, that the next one has just been published, so this is a two-fer day.

This one's called Undermining the Religious Right, wherein I discuss Jerry Falwell's ghost, the hate crimes bill, religious freedom, marriage equality and my own inability to embrace optimism.


Thorne said...

Great arrticle! You may want to know that google is slamming you with some messed up ads. There is one for the TiMothy pLan Hall ov SAhame which is a pdf of LGBT friendly businesses. (I don't know if spelling it goofy will stop it from being crawled. I don't want to lead that sort of garbage traffic to you) Feel free to delete the comment.

Thorne said...

That sounded wrong. Okay, the ad says Hall of Shame a list of businesses that harm marriage or something like that. Ugh. It's late. Sleep time. Hehe