Friday, April 24, 2009

John Berry is sworn in. Now what for Gay America?

Atlantic blogger Marc Ambinder claimed earlier this month that the moment openly gay John Berry became the federal government's top human resources director, the Obama Administration would finally get off it's collective rear end and start moving on LGBT issues.

Berry was sworn in yesterday as director of the Office of Personnel Management with First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance. Now what? Was Ambinder's report right? Actually, we now know that his original report was wrong, at least on one tiny detail. Ambinder wrote that anonymous sources told him:
As soon as the Senate confirms John Berry to head the Office of Personnel Management, Obama intends to sign an executive order strengthening workplace protections for the LGBT community.
The Senate confirmed Berry three weeks ago. What did we hear from the Obama Administration on LGBT issues? Silence.

Will the now confirmed, sworn-in presence of the highest ranking openly gay person in the administration make a difference?

Stay tuned.

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