Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gay equality & "the fierce urgency of whenever"

Andrew Sullivan gets the award for the line of the day. In describing the Obama Administration's stunning lack of action on rolling back "don't ask, don't tell," Sullivan notes that it amounts to "the fierce urgency of whenever." Sullivan also writes:
I wonder how Obama would have felt if Truman had followed the same path of cowardice and convenience in 1948, when racial integration was far more contentious in the military than gay integration is today.
Meanwhile, Marc Ambinder reports on the Obamites alleged plan for inching the nation towards equality. Ambinder includes the bombshell that Obama doesn't intend to even attempt repealing DADT until after the 2010 elections.

I pleaded for immediate action on DADT in a recent column. My next column talks about the real consequences of taking a "whenever" attitude. Here's a preview: The consequences have nothing to do with politics.

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