Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Official: New report drives stake through the myth of the rich gay

Just about anyone who is lesbian or gay knows that the stereotype of the wealthy queer is a ridiculous myth. Today, though, we got confirmation of that fact from a new study by UCLA's Williams Institute.

The heart of the matter: “The myth of gay and lesbian affluence is just that — a myth,” the report says. “Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals are as likely to be poor as are heterosexuals.”

In some cases, queer folk are much more likely to be poor than straights. Leading the way in the poverty sweepstakes are -- ta dah! -- lesbian couples and our families, who are "much more likely to be poor than heterosexual couples and their families."

Once again, this isn't news to those of us who live in the real world, but it is good to see the evidence presented. By the way, this is the first scientific analysis of the poor and low-income lesbian, gay and bisexual population. Every other "study" of LGBT wealth has either been a marketing ploy or a pipe dream.

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