Monday, December 22, 2008

The Inauguration: Don't overlook Joseph Lowery

I'm a tad late on this, but it's still worth noting. Queers are being bookended at Barack Obama's inauguration. There's the anti-marriage equality Rick Warren who's giving the invocation to open the event, and the very pro-marriage,* pro-gay Rev. Joseph Lowery who's giving the benediction to end the event.

*Although Lowery is very supportive of equal rights for lesbian and gay Americans, he does not support marriage equality.


s said...

Agreed that Rev Lowery and Elizabeth Alexander should be considered in evaluating the totality of the program.

"Might this be the basis for President-Elect Obama’s choices of Inaugural speakers? Maybe he is not so much giving Rick Warren a platform for his archaic and offensive beliefs, but rather delivering a statement that any continuation of the animosity of the culture wars is not going to emanate from this Administration. Let’s not forget the inclusion of Rev Lowery and Elizabeth Alexander. These are two of the most valiant voices against bigotry in all forms, and both can be quite provocative. As we look at this Inauguration Day, this “New Birth of Freedom”, perhaps it is important to look at the program in its totality. The religious right has been invited to join this “New Birth”, now it’s up to them whether they display a Christ-like love towards our gay brothers and sisters when President Obama extends equal protection to all."

Nancy Jane Moore said...

I still think they should add the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson to the inaugural program, but I'm glad to know Rev. Lowery has a different pov from Rick Warren.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks "s" for the comment. It's always nice to hear from the Obama Campaign. The full blog post is well worth reading. Everyone, just copy and paste the url.

Nancy, I agree with you.