Thursday, November 06, 2008

How LGBT Americans can best handle their post-election blues

Longtime politico David Mixner weighs in on the LGBT community's stunning loss on Proposition 8, and comes up with a list of questions we need to answer
Now is the time for patience and knowledge. We need facts to find out how to do our job better next time. And those answers require patiently going over the election returns astutely and avoiding quick, 'feel good' proclamations that might lead us into the wrong direction in the future. For example, when the returns are totally completed, we should put together a group of real political experts to see just exactly what happened. Did we have the right ads? Did we attempt to make others love us at the cost of good hard hitting ads? Did we start the right ads soon enough? Did we make the best use of our grassroots network? Did we involve enough people outside our community soon enough? Where we too insular? How did our national leadership and organizations respond and could they have been used better?
I like Mixner's list, and I second his call to stop the blame game and to keep hope. This needs to be a time for evaluation and review for the LGBT movement, not scapegoating.

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