Thursday, October 16, 2008

"A Holy God" won't tolerate marriage equality

In another good review of the marriage battle in California, Karen Ocamb provides this perspective from the far right.
"Thirty-five years of an American abortion holocaust, the civil imposition of homosexual 'marriage' upon America and the indoctrination of America's public school children in pro-homosexual ideology are practices that a Holy God will not tolerate," FRC's National Prayer Director Rev. Pierre Bynum said in an e-mail.
Ocamb reports that the Mormon Church has contributed more than $9 million to Proposition 8.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry. If the Southern Baptists and the Latter Day Saints ever succeeded on the issue of gay marriage, I'm sure we'd part company on the issue of Jesus and Satan being brothers or the existence of the spirit slammer, and you would once again face a divided foe.
In the same way, I would hope that if you and the Islamo-fruitcake element were to succeed on the question of withdrawal of American troops from (insert name of country here), you would part company with them on the issues of burqas and women being allowed outside the house.