Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dennis Moore's 3rd District opponent holds potential wake with Dick Cheney

By Diane Silver

Today the Kansas GOP graced my in-box with this invitation. How I got on their list I'll never know, but to the subject at hand: A moment of silence for the campaign of Republican State Sen. Nick Jordan, a Republican challenging Democratic incumbent Dennis Moore.

The last time Cheney came to Kansas to help a Congressional candidate, he "helped" Jim Ryun right out of his seat.

I can't seem to dig up a poll showing Cheney's approval rating in Kansas. However, nationally, the veep is only rated favorably by 20 to 30 percent of the people. George W. Bush himself could only muster a 38 percent Kansas approval number in a SurveyUSA poll taken Nov. 9-Nov.11.

I am not a huge fan of Moore, but I have to admit that he has to be better than anyone endorsed by Cheney.

IMAGE: My invitation to see Dick Cheney. I cropped out the name of the hosts and their address.

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