Thursday, June 14, 2007

Massachusetts constitutional ban on same-sex marriage fails by 5 votes!

By Diane Silver

Oh yes!!!!! A joint session of the Massachusetts Legislature just defeated a proposal to put a ban on marriage equality into the state constitution. The vote was 45 to 151. It needed 50 votes to be sent to a statewide vote.

This means that the ban cannot appear on the 2008 ballot, and that the earliest such a ban could go before the voters is 2012.

This is amazing, wonderful, and above all, it shows fairness to the thousands of lesbian and gay families who need the protection of marriage.

I have two dear friends who live in Massachusetts. They wed the first week same-sex marriage was legal. Counting this year, these two wonderful women have been together for 22 years. I cannot conceive of a way that their marriage in any way does anything to hurt anyone. I can't see how allowing them the benefits of marriage does anything more than help society. I cannot imagine what it would have done to them to have the state strip them of their marriage.

Kudos to the Massachusetts lawmakers who voted "no" today. Kudos to all in that state who lobbied, marched and stood up for fairness.

Pam's House Blend has an open thread on the debate and vote.

PHOTO: A small slice of a Boston Globe photo of a demonstration opposing the ban.

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