Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Marriage equality in New York: Not this year, but progress is made

By Diane Silver

Here's yet another sign that fairness is on its way: A bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of New York made major progress this year. The proposal easily passed the state Assembly on a bipartisan vote.

The state Legislature adjourns tomorrow, however. Bill opponent, Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, a Republican, has pledged to block the bill from coming up for a vote. In New York, the Assembly is controlled by Democrats and the state Senate is controlled by the GOP.

Polls show that attitudes on marriage equality in the state are split, although a huge majority favor civil unions.

One of the things that, I think, hinders us out here in Kansas is a lack of decent polling. I suspect that we may well have far more support than we think for basic fair rights for our families. has some fun stories about what happened during and after the Assembly vote. More details and continuing coverage can be found on The Agenda, Empire State Pride's blog.

Hat tip to Pam's House Blend.

IMAGE: Saints Sergius and Bacchus, possibly an example of an early Christian same-sex marriage.

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