Monday, June 25, 2007

Literally erasing gay lives

By Diane Silver

[1:28 p.m. update]

The Newark School District has apologized and said it will issue an uncensored version of the yearbook. See below for details.

We know our history as gays and lesbians has been repeatedly erased, but this is almost too blatant to believe.

Newark East Side High School in New Jersey literally erased -- or in this case blacked out -- a kiss between Andre Jackson and his boyfriend in the school yearbook. Note that their kiss was on a page Jackson purchased for $150. The New York Times reports:
The thin, hardcover yearbook, titled “Take Another Look,” features many pictures of the Class of 2007, including several of heterosexual couples embracing and kissing. On the page immediately opposite Mr. Jackson’s, a young man and a young woman kiss on a couch, his hand on her leg as she sits on his lap.

Garden State Equality is fighting back. Pam's House Blend also has information and commentary.
PHOTO: Above is the offending photo. I'm reprinting it precisely because it was censured.

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