Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Kansas Voice Sampler: 8 wonders, bad Lance Kinzer & help for Greensburg

By Diane Silver

Over at the Kansas Voice, I'm taking on the good, the bad and the helpful of the Sunflower State.

What's So Cool about Kansas? Let Me Count the Ways.
The Eight Wonders of Kansas & a blogger lists the good, bad and ugly of the state.

Kinzer Says He Won't Stop Trying to Ban Domestic Partner Registries
Lawrence moves forward. Lance gets cranky.

Kansas Restaurants Serve Up Food to Help Greensburg
Thursday is the day to eat at select Kansas restaurants that have pledged to give a percentage of their proceeds to help the victims of the Greensburg tornado.
PHOTO: A slice of Harland Schuster's photo of the Gyp Hills Scenic Drive, one of the candidates for the Eight Wonders of Kansas contest. Visit the Kansas Sampler Foundation web site to see the rest of the photo.

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