Monday, June 04, 2007

The finer points of the Dem candidates' support (?) for fair laws for lesbians & gays

By Diane Silver

The Human Rights Campaign survey showing near unanimous support from the Democratic presidential candidates for fair laws for lesbians and gays may not be as clear cut as it first seemed.

More information is coming out today about the details of the candidates' survey answers. Among the most important issues is each candidate's stand on the misnamed and truly nasty DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

I'm still sorting through all of this, so I'm withholding my opinion for the time being.

However, here's more information from Pam's House Blend complete with a video clip from last night's debate. Pam also has the full questionnaire responses from six of the candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Andrew Sullivan, who is no fan of the Human Rights Campaign, says the survey was rigged to make Clinton look good.

Stay tuned.

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