Thursday, May 03, 2007

More on the US attorney scandal, Missouri & questions about Kansas

By Diane Silver

Corpus Juris over at Watching Those We Chose has a good overview today on what is looking more and more like a Republican attempt to undermine the November election in Missouri.

What happened? Think: Voting fraud hysteria that turned out to be a fraud itself and the U.S. attorney scandal.

Missouri may well have been targeted because of the importance of the Senate race in that half red, half blue state.

Attempts to drum up fear over voting fraud has already showed up in the Kansas Legislature. (scroll down. Also see here.) With the fortunes of Kansas Democrats on the rise these days, can the Sunflower State expect to see increasing efforts to muck with our elections?

Stay tuned...

In the interest of transparency, I also blog periodically at Watching Those We Chose.

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