Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kansas: Jerry Johnston & First Family Church are officially under investigation

By Diane Silver

Since The Kansas City Star's March series on the financial dealings of the Rev. Jerry Johnston and his First Family Church, a few of us have been waiting for something, anything else, to happen. The other shoe has finally dropped.

Today word came that Attorney General Paul Morrison is investigating two complaints about the financial dealings of Johnston and FFC. Several complaints have also been filed with the IRS. The KC Star has the details.

I welcome these investigations. If they have nothing to hide, then I would think that Johnston and his family would welcome a chance to clear their names. If I were a member of the FFC congregation, I would be thrilled to learn about the investigations. I would certainly want to know where my money was going.


KSDP Focus said...

"If they have nothing to hide, then I would think that Johnston and his family would welcome a chance to clear their names."


I'm not a fan of Johnston but the idea that an innocent person should/would welcome a criminal investigation just to prove they are innocent is appaling. It is next to impossible to recover from the fall out of a criminal investigation. Even if nothing amiss is found, the specter of the investigation will hang over a person (Johnston in this case) for a very long time.

Whether there is a basis or not for the investigation, it is NEVER something to welcome.

Diane Silver said...

Thanks for your comment. You raise an important point, and I respect your opinion.

Here's my thinking...

Tight now, all we know is that two complaints have been filed with the AG's office, and that the AG is looking into them. We know that one complaint came from an individual, but don't know the source of the second complaint. These are not indictments. At this point, we don't even know if a crime was committed. At this point, the AG is not saying whether or not a crime was committed.

What we do have is a bunch of newspaper stories and a lot of suspicion. This suspicion will live forever, especially on the Internet. It's already hanging over Johnston.

On the general topic of criminal investigations, I suspect you are right, so let me revise what I said. The real point is, perhaps, that the congregation will finally learn whether or not laws were broken and whether there is a problem in their church.

Thanks for your comments ksdp focus.

Diane Silver said...

ugh, typos...

That "tight now" should be "right now"

Jimg48 said...

Johnson will probably trot out the "Satan is attacking me" again. The problem is that he is acting more like the ungodly Pharisees than the humble Jesus. Greed and arrogance rule his life.

I welcome the investigation to clear the air.

katy gorilla said...

What a joke, don't you have better things for the AG to work on in backwards Kansas?? Get out of your cave and look around some time.

=AG= said...

This man has been abusing his power and the church's funds for years. I hope this man is put into prison for a long time.

One of his own treasurers on HIS STAFF reported that he had told her that she was being posessed by the devil, and that she would be sent to Hell unless she wrote him a $50,000 check.

This man is a sad excuse for a human being. He is trying to be God, not teach His word.

Anonymous said...

(The pool was given to him and done for free by someone that heard he liked to swim for excercise and offered to put a pool in for him for free.) Tripp built the pool and was paid by Thomkins the same name that is on the church.