Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Aftermath in Kansas: The wannabes come out of the woodwork

By Diane Silver

[updated 4:49 p.m.]
The Lawrence police have made an arrest, and there has been no sign of explosures. See the link below.

[3:08 p.m.]
It appears that there's an "all clear" and that things are OK in Lawrence, although you have to scroll to the bottom of the Journal-World story to see that. The school district says the cops say it's OK. The entire newspaper story is a tad tangled, though. My take? I think things are all right. Stay tuned for more.

[updated 11:47 a.m.]
Whoever did this got what "he" wanted. People are officially scared. Some parents removed their children from school this morning.

[original post]
Police are talking to a "person of interest" in relation to a bomb threat this morning against schools and "a city hall" in Douglas County, my home county. (I'm in Lawrence, Kan.) Is this real or is this just something to add more fear to an already skitterish country?

Why do people do this?

Stay tuned.

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