Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kansas: Lawrence results show split city, more Wal-Mart

By Diane Silver

[Information added 11 am - see bottom of post]

Bloggers and the local mainstream media weighed in this morning on the meaning of yesterday's city elections in Lawrence.

The Lawrence Journal-World says the pro-real estate winners say the issue was jobs, jobs, jobs., yet most of their support came from the more affluent west side of town. The much poorer east side didn't seem to t hink that pro-business winners Mike Dever and Rob Chestnut had the right answers.

Ousted incumbent David Schauner and defeated newcomer Carey Maynard-Moody worry about the future. Progressive Boog Highberger says the election was not a mandate for change.

Mike at Red Letter Day forsees more Wal-Marts in our future and predicts the domestic partner registry will go whichever way Attorney General Paul Morrison sees it. Lawrence's registry proposal is currently sitting in Morrison's office, awaiting his opinion on its constitutionality. That opinion is supposed to come soon.

Josh at Thoughts From Kansas mulls results from elsewhere in the state.

I mulled the meaning of the results last night, particularly focusing on the impact on the proposed domestic partner registry. In the comment section, I discuss that further with Mike from Red Letter Day.

The fate of Lawrence's proposed registry has implications for the entire state. As currently written, the registry could be used by either same-sex or heterosexual couples from anywhere in Kansas.

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